Isolation Around the World: Valdosta

I've been getting so many incredible responses from all around the globe!  Thank you so much for the support.  Here's a bonus check in for Isolation Around the World for the week.  We're heading back to the States to check in with Tina in Georgia...

Name:  Tina Marzano
Location:  Valdosta, Georgia, USA
Workplace:  Groups Manager at Educational World Travel, usually based at Knott's Berry Farm Hotel
Socials:  @ttnd38
How I met Tina:  We met on my first G'Day USA tour back in 2018

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ISOLATION CONDITIONS:  [from a couple of days ago]  Governor Kemp announced a measured reopening that starts with gyms, barbershops, nail salons, body art shops, hair salons, bowling alleys and massage parlors from April 24th.   From April 27th, private clubs, restaurant services, and theaters will open.  Bars, nightclubs, live venues and amusement parks are to remain closed.  Our 'shelter in place order' is scheduled to expire April 30th. We are the first state to begin the re-entry process and of course there are lots of people for and against it.

Number of people in isolation with you:  3 - my husband, Anthony, and our two sons, Dylan and Dalton
Do you have any pets keeping you company?  We have one dog, named Ginger.  She's a Boykin Spaniel.

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How many rolls of toilet paper do you currently have?  36, but only 12 of those have been purchased during isolation and only as a precaution.  My husband keeps us pretty well stocked.
One a scale of 1 to 10, how well stocked is your alcohol cabinet?  Definitely a 10!  The bar is always open, but we did add a few extras just to be safe.
Name one thing in your kitchen cupboard that you know you won't eat but is there for emergencies:  Vegemite (kidding).  Nothing in there I wouldn't eat, but I probably wouldn't choose the boiled peanuts unless I had to.
What are you binge watching/listening to/reading right now?  Watched the Tiger King, can I just say 'WOW'.  Listening to Fleetwood Mac radio on Pandora, and some hot and steamy minis on Kindle.
Which Hollywood star would play you in a movie version of your isolation story?  Definitely Sandra Bullock.  She is a natural 'girl next door' brunette who looks fabulous as a blonde.  She pulls off the romantic comedy that seems to define my life.  The movie would be called 'Just Add Vodka!'.
Who are you #IStayHomeFor?  My husband - He is immune compromised and still has to go into work given he is in the health care industry.  I worry about him every day.  I refuse to double expose him

What is the strangest thing you have found in your house?  I haven't come across anything as of yet.  I'm quite OCD so very little comes in or out without me knowing LOL

Weirdest isolation meal you've eaten so far?  I don't eat weird stuff.  I am quite a picky eater and my husband is also OCD about his pantry so it's pretty well stocked with foods we like.

Random skill you would like to learn while in isolation?  I admit I have not been so desperate that I am looking for something new to do.  I have had many projects in waiting that are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Any heart-warming stories you would like to share?  I love how my neighbourhood has begun choosing random small businesses to purchase food/gift cards from and how many people participate.  We have also been making masks and gowns for the health care employees and masks for the elderly.  My personal favourite, though, is the golf cart Graduation Parade our neighbourhood is doing.  Our Governor closed our schools for the remainder of the school year and this meant our poor seniors missing out on Prom, Senior walk, yearbooks and graduation.  That is a hard pill to swallow for many of us, so a neighbour suggested we throw them a parade!  Each senior will decorate a golf cart in their colours/activities/etc. and they are going to drive through our neighbourhood street by street while we all sit in our driveways cheering them on.  I know we have one of the principals joining in and I think they are working on getting the others.  I can't wait to make our signs and upload rounds of applause to play on a rotation!  I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

Best isolation/social distancing meme you've seen?  I have seen so many it's hard to pick one.  I would say the ones about home schooling and feeling like Vegas are my favourites.

Apart from leaving the house, what is the biggest thing you miss right now?  I really miss getting dressed for the day and going out for lunch/dinner.  I love to eat out, it's kind of my thing.

What's the first thing you're going to do when isolation comes to an end?  I'm going to purchase airfares to go see my parents in Washington.  Just to get my arms around them and know they are safe and healthy!   However, first, I will drive to the beach and plant my feet in the ocean.  The beach is my serenity and I'm going to need it!

What would you like to see as the "new normal" once this is all over?  I would love to continue the family walks we have started taking.  It's been so nice to chat about random things and separate the boys from their gadgets.  The dog, however, is over it.  I'm pretty sure she is cursing us with her eyes when we mention another walk LOL