Isolation Around the World: Copenhagen

In a first for this series, we have an anonymous check in.  I admire this person for their courage to submit their answers, as they said this was very much out of their comfort zone.  Everyone is coping in different ways during this craziness, and taking a step or two beyond what is comfortable enables us to grow.  But we all need to do this in our own time, so I'm more than happy to honour this person's request to remain anonymous.

Name:  Anonymous
Location:  Copenhagen, Denmark
Workplace:  Studying at the University of Copenhagen
Connection:  We went to the same high school.

Emily - Denmark, Copenhagen, Tulips

ISOLATION CONDITIONS:  Lockdown is very much being relaxed here. Schools are opening up again, and bars and pubs will be back in business on May 18. Borders are still closed indefinitely and it is going to be a very different summer here with no public gatherings or music festivals.

Number of people in isolation with you:  Three, and we're from all around the world - Norway, France, Taiwan and Australia
How many rolls of toilet paper do you currently have?  Too many!  All the international students that had to go home left me with theirs.  I've also got about a year's supply of pasta and rice.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well stocked is your alcohol cabinet?  It's Denmark.  We've always got Carlsberg and Tuborg fully stocked in the cupboard.
Name one thing in your kitchen cupboard that you know you won’t eat but is there for emergencies:  Instant coffee.  You couldn't pay me to consume that!
What are you binge watching/listening to/reading at the moment?  Dua Lipa's new album is solely responsible for keeping my spirits up.  Oh, and Tiger King.
Which Hollywood star would play you in a movie version of your isolation story?  Florence Pugh, because I love her and she's just about the right age.  And she's funny enough to keep audiences engaged in what would be a very boring movie!
Who are you #IStayHomeFor?  The Danish doctors and nurses working ridiculously hard to keep the health system afloat.

Emily - Denmark, Karlstrup Kalkgrav
Emily - Denmark, Copenhagen, Nyhavn
Emily - Denmark, Kronborg Slot

What is the strangest thing you have found in your apartment during isolation?  Well, I live in student accommodation in Europe.  I don’t think anything could possibly be ‘strange’ to me, I’ve seen it all now!  But we did find a ring on the couch the other day, which we think doubles as a bottle-opener.

Weirdest isolation meal you’ve eaten so far?  My neighbour put eggs in her carbonara and it turned into an omelette. I’m just as confused as you are.

Random skill you would like to learn while in isolation?  Don’t tell my Mum, but I have got pretty good at using Tinder.  It seems that every single young person around the world is using dating apps right now.  I’m just using it to talk to more people now that we’re all stuck inside.

Any heart-warming isolation stories you would like to share?  My housemates and I have each been baking and cooking dishes from home for each other.  So far we’ve enjoyed tacos, Norwegian rice porridge, lasagna and German pancakes.

Best isolation/social distancing meme you’ve seen?

Apart from leaving the house, what is the biggest thing you miss right now?  The dorm social life!  All the common areas are closed, so there is absolutely no way to see anyone, even outside the building.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when isolation comes to an end?  Go have a dance.  I never got to go to the Chateau Motel, the 4-storey nightclub in Copenhagen.

What would you like to see as the “new normal” once this is all over?  It will be nice to video call friends and family more often.  We never seemed to do that pre-coronavirus.